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(formerly THE OTHER EMMA)

2021 / Feature Film in Development

Emma, an underachiever in her late twenties, struggles to find a place or a path forward in Crane Cove Shores, Florida while living under her mom’s roof and working at the same dingy amusement park since high school. When Emma’s Meemaw, Joan, has her license revoked after hitting one too many mailboxes, she and Emma attempt to delay Joan being sent to a retirement community by starting a small business together... a haunted ghost tour on a boat.

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In August of 2018, Nicole and Jamie Rice (co-writer/director) shot several scenes from an early draft of CRANE COVE SHORES (formerly THE OTHER EMMA). This served as a screen test and tonal reference piece for the feature. 

writers/director: Nicole Machon & Jamie Rice
cinematography: Nicola Newton
production design/editor: Laura Conte
EMMA - Holmes Holmes
COUSIN EMMA - Erica Rose Walling

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